Biking in Burlington

Since moving to Vermont I’ve been pleasantly surprised, not only by the beauty of the green mountains but also in its local residents. I was moved to create this short animation, it was just such a charming day.

-Biking in Burlington 2021

-A bike for all seasons 2021

‘Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.’

-Mark Twain

Smile more ride a bike!

One of my favorite activities is riding my bike in the open air its a great break from my computer. With this past year fighting the curve of this pandemic I anxiously await for the normality of social connections and returning to nature.I wanted to provoke a sense of whimsy with this handmade needlepoint animation.

– Ride a Bike 2021

Lamb Stew cooking intro 2020

When I think of Burlington Vermont

I think warm and cozy layers of clothing, golden leaves, clean open air and creemees drenched in sprinkles. With a place that boasts being one of the most walkable cities in America, who wouldn’t want to be within walking distance of farm to table dining, craft beers and a view of green mountains, to top it all off it’s home to its very own lake monster named Champ!

-Welcome to Burlington 2020

2d Walk cycle

2d Run cycle

Importance of Votes

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

– Importance of Votes 2020

1930 styled video game ( personal project )
Inspired by the hand drawn animated video game Cup Head, I wanted to make a small test sheet of a 1930’s styled video game with the theme of breakfast foods and condiments interacting in a Al Capone American gangster type scenario.

Animated Guides of (The Four Systems)

Hand painted watercolored rotoscopes

Lion (Emotional System)

Wolf (Mental System)

Halk (Spiritual System)

Flower (Physical System)

Commissions from Connected Hearts 2019

808 Chill Vibes

Throwback of a chill vibes rotoscope animation back in Austin Texas. Spring 2018